Thursday, December 13, 2007

One of those days where you have water coming through the ceiling and later a stay dog comes to visit

Ok, so this may be long and have to be written in two parts, but I shall do my best. Everyone else is out at AWANA but I decided to stay home and have some 'me time' and try to do some blogging. I've spent the last couple of hours catching up on blog reading and tidying in the kitchen, so I've probably used most of my brain power already. However, I have lots of photos to illustrate the post, so feel free to skip on to them if I'm boring you!

This morning started pretty much like any other. I got up around 7am and found blest downstairs drinking her coffee. The boys all slept a little later than usual, but I think they were just tired and needed to catch up on sleep. We ate breakfast and got dressed in our workout clothes and all that sort of stuff and were in blest's room about to start working out. I was gonna start on the treadmill and blest was gonna do weights. Blest thought she saw something drip from the ceiling onto the dresser, but assumed it must have been her imagination because we thought the problem was fixed. A minute or two later we both saw several more drips fall and that there was a water stain that hadn't been there before, and that it was gradually getting bigger. At that point we did the best thing two women could do in that situation - blest rang Danny, and he told us which plumbing company to call.

I think the conversation blest had with the company was pretty much went 'help, I have water coming through my ceiling and I don't want the toilet and tub to come crashing down into my master bedroom, come right away' and they were very good and did come pretty quick. In the meantime we fitted in some workout time, but were slightly concerned as we knew we were unlikely to be able to fit in showers before the plumber arrived, and if the water was going to be turned off then we would have to go smelly for the rest of the day! In the event the guy didn't need to turn off the water at all, so we were fine.

He looked over the ceiling and in the bathroom and came up with an estimate for what he thought was fixing a problem with the tub drainage. However, once he cut a hole in the ceiling he saw a lot more water and sent me to go up and flush the toilet. Apparently a whole lot of water came splashing down at that point, so we knew it was the toilet not the bathtub. The plumber guy did his stuff and once he'd finished he flushed the toilet and not a single drop fell down. The final bill came to less than the estimate, we didn't have to have the water switched off and it was fixed pretty quickly, so although it was not an ideal situation we thank God that it wasn't a lot worse!

Ok, this post is way too long already, so I will write about the dog in part 2.

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