Sunday, December 16, 2007


As we set out to go to the Mall after lunch today I mentioned to blest that I had two potential posts going around in my head, they just needed some developing. Unfortunately they didn't develop very far, so instead I shall combine those two half ideas to create one post. Sheer Genius.

The first thought was about teeth cleaning. As I cleaned my teeth after lunch I thought it might be interesting to take a poll of how people clean their teeth. Do they
a. Move their hand holding the brush
b. Move their head and mouth
c. Do a bit of both

Ok, so I know that's actually not a very interesting poll, but I was cleaning my teeth and suddenly wondered just how I was doing it, because it felt like I wasn't particularly moving my hand or my head, and yet all my teeth were getting brushed, but then I realised that I must move hand and head.

Hmm, I have a feeling no one will actually find that interesting, so lets hurry on to pondering number two.

Today the weather has been pretty cold. There's a bit of a wind and a real chill in the air, and yet if you look outside it looks like a beautiful day. It's not like in England where it would generally be cloudy and cold, or just not look very inviting. Somehow the sun continues to shine and from all appearances it looks like a beautiful sunny day, until you actually go outside and discover just how wrong you were.


Anonymous said...

Debs..You are such a crack up. Ok about the weather, I found that very odd when I moved her from Ohio, because there if it was cold it was gray and cloudy. Now about the toothbrush, interesting question. I think of totally useless things like that all the time and drive my family crazy. So for me I move the brush the most but angle my head different ways. Kellie

HP said...

Its like that here too. It looks lovely and sunny outside but then you go out and its freezing and v windy!!

Pig wot flies said...

Yeah, HP's right. It's almost my favourite sort of day, winter days when it's sunny and bright but crisp and cold. But if it's too cold, it's not fun.

Sarah said...

Definately "C" a bit of both. No, you're not wierd. I think of strange things like that too!

Elly said...

That's my Debs. you are just crazy kid. Love you though

The King and I said...

Well, I think i just move my hand, but possibly a bit of both. And by the blog is updated esp for you my dear. Lots of love to you, Angela xx

Mrs Wibbs said...

you're hilarious!! Think I move my hand mostly - although I have an electric toothbrush which does most of the work for me. Does that count??!

Re. the weather: I noticed on your Facebook photos that the kids seem to be wearing mostly shorts and tshirts. Is it quite warm in Texas during the winter?? Or do they just like wearing...clothes that keep them cool? Just wondering! Cos you did mention snow somewhere along the line. And it's gotta be COLD to snow. Doesn't it??