Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm so glad it's Friday

It's Friday, I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I made it to the end of the week - a whole 5 days at work without being ill. (or at least not too ill) That makes me happy :-)

A big hello to Kathleen, whose blog I posted a comment on, and she came and posted one back on mine. (Now that might seem a little thing to some people, but to someone who is still discovering the delightful world of blogging it's a very BIG thing.) Once I find out how to do it, it would be great to make a link from my site to hers, but I'll have to get back to you on that one.

This week I have worked in the every morning, and managed to make the boy I work with cry on two out of the five days. Now I realise that isn't necessarily something to be proud of, but he was being very silly and mucking around, and all I actually did was tell him he had to stay in for a couple of minutes at playtime. Perhaps next week he won't be so silly and I won't have to be so mean, but perhaps pigs might fly (although they do in our house, but that's another story).

Any minute now I'm going to go back to looking at websites about cars, in the hope that I can arrange to go and look at some tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow we'll hopefully look at some cars, and maybe even decide on one that we want to get. In the afternoon I'm going back up the Liverpool Street-Cambridge train line to my little village. And in the evening I'm going, with some friends, to a barn dance. Actually it's officially one of those Scottish words that begin with 'C' that I can't spell, and am not even going to try.

I'll have to come back to London on Sunday evening I expect, otherwise getting to work on Monday will be tricky. And that begins a new week. It occurs to me that if I posted more often I wouldn't have to keep updating you on my whole week. I'll try..


Pig wot flies said...

Do you want me to talk you through adding links to your sidebar?

Kathleen said...

Ooo - it would be great to post liks! I would love it if someone could let me in on the secret!