Wednesday, February 08, 2006

*car update*

I can't remember what I last said about cars, but the latest is that tomorrow my mum and D - a friend of the family who knows a thing or two about cars - are going back to Wembly to look again at one of the 3 we saw on Saturday. Since we saw them I've kind of been thinking of this one as 'my car' so I'm really hoping D reckons it's worth it. It seemed in great condition, and has only had one 'careful lady driver' so all seems good. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Once they've seen it and made a decision we might be a step further towards figuring out our plans for half-term, which is next week. We'd like to visit people like my 2 sisters, and perhaps my Grandma as well, but it all depends on the car situation. My mum's car has a continuing problem with its electrics which really ought to be sorted out, and if I have a car by then we'd be able to get around even if it takes a while them to sort it all out.

Oh, and talking of Grandma, it's her birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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HP said...

Might you really come visit me. Or was half term last week?