Sunday, February 12, 2006

sleepy sunday

It's only 9pm and I'm really tired, so I think I might be heading for bed soon. I've gotta get up (rather than making the most of half term and sleeping in) so that I can drive MY car (so exciting!) to the garage along with my mum driving her car. That way we can leave hers there and I can give her a lift home. And she wants us to get the car there for 8am. Does that time even exist in the holidays? Or if it does, you ought not need to be dressed and out of the house by then!
Went to church this morning. I didn't drive my car because it seemed silly to drive 2 cars for 3 people! (Also, not earning much money it's far better to use someone else's petrol. Although strictly speaking my mum did pay for the petrol we put in my car).

Talking of my car and petrol. Because it's obviously not really worth it for him to put lots of petrol in, the guy we bought my car from had let the petrol get really low. So I had my first ever experience of seeing the little light on the dashboard come on. The one that says 'give me petrol now or else'. I come from a family of 'only let it get down to a quarter, that way you won't be using all the gunk in the bottom of the tank'. I don't really understand that, but at least it means you're unlikely to get stranded anywhere due to lack of petrol.

Right, must go to bed before I talk much more rubbish.

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Kathleen said...

Hooray for your new car! It must be such a relief for you.
I wouldn't worry about the gas (petrol) getting low. I used to drive an hour to work each way, and I practically lived with that red light on! It will actually go for quite a while before stopping completely (I have never had this happen to me) but I don't think it's terribly good for the car, or for one's blood pressure.