Sunday, February 19, 2006

goodbye to broadband

Well this afternoon I'm finally heading back to my other home. I came home to get better when I was feeling rough, and ended up saying with my parents for almost a month. It's been lovely being home, but I'll be glad to see people in Cambridge again. I decided to go to church here in London with my parents, and drive home this afternoon. And in the time between getting home from church and lunch being ready I'd make the most of our broadband conection to post on my blog and catch up with a few favourites. My other home only has dialup internet access, so my posts may not be quite as frequent as in the last couple of weeks.

I love the church we go to here in London. We meet in Cineworld cinema in Enfield, and it's fantastic to be so visible to people going to the cinema. We started off in one of the smalled screens, but as people have been added to our church we've been moving around a bit. This mornnig we were in screen 8 which is one of the really big screens. We by no means fill screen 8, but it's great to see the potential that the room has! This morning Adrian ( (I must find out how to make fancy links within a post) was preaching. If I had more time I'd write all about it, but check out his blog for more.

I need to start packing and hunting round my hosue for all my belongings, since having been home for so long things are all over the place.

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