Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Those of you that have known me for a while (and since only about 3 people ever read my blog that's probably my mum and my sister) will know that I'm the most accident prone person in the world. (oh, I forgot my housemate - she's reading this to catch up on what I'm up to in London - make that 4 people).

Anyway, (thought I'd best start a new paragraph to get away from all those brackets)(doh), I've very good at going over on my ankle. The most memorable of recent occasions was while playing 'it' in the playgroud with some children at school. The boy I work with is very fond of the game, and although his classmates are very patient they do sometimes get bored, and hence I got roped in to play. I somehow managed to stumble and hurt my left ankle, and having survived the last 10 minutes of lunchtime pretending everything was fine, got to sit in the staffroom with an icepack on it for a significant amount of the afternoon before atempting to drive home. At least that was mostly on the motorway and I didn't have to change gear too many times.

Surprisingly that wasn't actually the story I was planning to tell you, just background information to illustrate just how accident prone I am. What I did today was come up stairs to tell my mum that dinner was ready, and while standing (yes, just standing, not even walking or moving in any way) I somehow managed to go right over on my ankle and cause myself lots of pain. I sat through dinner with an icepack on my ankle and it is feeling a bit better, so I don't think I've caused any major damage, but I'll try to be more careful with myself over the next few days.


Pig wot flies said...

D'oh! Silly wombat. Should you be doing ankle strengthening exercises or something?

HP said...

Oh dear. Its like deh jah vous.(clearly i cant spell)
I'm glad life is still just as mad as ever with you.
Missing you lots. Reading your blog is almost making me cry cos i'm misssing out on home and family stuff. But at least i can keep up to date with it via your blog.