Saturday, February 18, 2006

my second Saturday

I was disappointed about my car not being ready on Thursday because I had been planning to drive up to Cambridge in the evening for a meal with my church growth group. Because it still needed a part they couldn't complete the job until Friday, so instead I went with my mum to her church community group (every church seems to call them different things, but they're generally pretty similiar). I enjoyed the evening with them - they're very friendly and made me feel very welcome. I love being able to be a part of a group that's made up of people from very different ages and background, but have something in common that overcomes the differences - the fact that we are Christians and believe the same things. While I was a student I enjoyed being part of the Christian Union in my college, but there was also something very special about meeting up with people who weren't students, and had a bit more life experience to share. Talking of those people, J and M from my current growth group got engaged this week, so congratulations to them.

Yesterday really felt like a Saturday, so it was a lovely feeling this morning, waking up for my second saturday this weekend. I've had a busy day, so I'm quite tired and it's only quarter to 8. We're having apple and blackberry crumble for pudding in a minute, so that should help to wake me up a bit. This morning we had a church prayer meeting, and then I visited some friends of mine. G&J have 4 children, and J home schools. While I was doing my A-levels I started visiting them one afternoon a week, and I've been going round ever since. G is currently in hospital, having been having breathing problems. I went over to catch up a bit as I haven't seen them for ages, and to just show them my love and support. C, their youngest daughter, was a little nervous of me to start with, but was soon jumping all over me like the rest of them! I love visiting them, and they always make me feel really welcome and a part of their family, not just a visitor.

Then this afternoon I met up with a friend from university. We met up at Victoria station just inside WHSmith because it's easy for her to get from south London, and me to get from the north of London. Unfortunately S, another friend wasn't able to join us because she's poorly. We had a lovely time eating lunch and wandering around Green Park and outside Buckingham Palace. We were playing spot the police van as there seemed to be hundreds of them drivnig around (ok, maybe a slight overestimate, but we saw more than 10, which to me seems quite a lot).

This evening I'm had some yummy tea with my mum and dad, and now I'm off to eat crumble. (with blackberries in that we picked in the late summer\early autumn and put in the freezer).
After that I need to do some packing as I'm finally back up the M11 tomorrow with my car. And my mum and I might watch 'House' that we videoed on Thursday night.

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