Monday, February 13, 2006

dentist update

Everything was fine. I just need to floss more, and since I don't floss much that shouldn't be too tricky to improve on. I had an interesting chat to the dental nurse while we waited for the dentist to finish making a phone call. She had just started a few days before and seemed very nervous. She seemed nice, but Iwas glad she didn't have to do much when it came to the actual check-up - I like people to know what they are doing when they're doing something to my mouth.

I also had a wander down the market (Walthamstow market, apparantly the longest street market in Europe) although today there weren't many market stalls around, just all the usual shops. I bought some deodrant, some hair bits and a book. I hadn't been down there for ages, so it was nice.

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