Sunday, February 19, 2006

debs loves peas

I realised while eating my lunch that is most remiss of me to have not mentioned my love of peas before now. We had peas for lunch, and I love them. They are green and round and roll (unlike sweetcorn, which some might classify in the same category, which do not roll and are clearly of a lower standard).

I don't really remember when I started liking peas. I've always been the one out of the three of us (my 2 sisters and I) most likely to eat vegetables, and love tucking into things like roast root vegetables (I'll tell you about them sometime), but somehow peas are the best.
In my first year at university we had fridges in our hall or residence, but no freezers, and one day I decided I really wanted to eat peas. Now I don't know about you, but the smallest bags of frozen peas that I can ever find (the tinned ones just don't cut it) are 250 gram bags. I got one of them, and without a freezer they were gonna go soft quite quickly, so for two days running what I had for dinner was a big bowl of peas. It must have also been sometime during that year that I got a postcard that I stuck up on my door. It was circular, and had a big pea in the middle, and said 'pea brain'. Some people might have been insulted by this comment, but I decided it expressed to people how fond of peas I was, rather than how thick I was.

The last meal I ever had in my college dinner hall was also the time that my own personal tongue-twister was invented. It's very simple, just three words - debs loves peas, but you just try saying it quickly several times in a row and you'll understand. I personally thank Bex for helping it to come into existence. Bex could also tell you of some other interesting moments when it comes to me and food, but I won't go into them right now...
I would probably have to say that peas are definitely one of my favourite savoury food. Please comment and tell me what your favourite foods are :-)


Pig wot flies said...

Don't diss the sweetcorn, it's way better than peas, being yellow.

I like bananas. And chocolate. But neither of those is a vegetable. I like fennel, that's a vegetable. And yummy when steamed and then fried in olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan. Yum!

Kathleen said...

Does it have to be a vegetable? I am fond of pie. Cherry pie in particular. And I make a mean apple pie if I do say so myself. I'm not so fond of vegetables - I'm very picky about texture and brown spots and so on. Pie rarely has the time to go bad.

HP said...

Lasagne. Its gotta be lasagne. I'm missing home made lasagne while living in uni halls :-(
But i do make a pretty good lasagne (with a little help from my mummy) and i cant wait to feed it to people when i live in a real house!!!