Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Will anyone notice this now has a title?

I just managed to work out for myself how to set up a link. Well, I say by myself - in actual fact went into my blog settings and found the bit Bekki hd taken me to when she set up a link to her page, and copied what she did, only with a different website. But I think that still counts as by myself, since that was a while ago, and noone was with me this time.

On saturday we looked at 3 cars - all Micras. I test drove 2 of them - the other one was very blocked in, but we may go back and look at it again. It doesn't really seem like the end is it sight yet, but it feels like there might be hope...

The ceilidh at my church on Saturday was great fun, and I think Bekki, I and G enjoyed it as well. (To save on confusion, 'I' is my housemate, rather than me geting confused and putting myself in the list twice). It was great to see her and catchup on life since I was last in the house.


Kathleen said...

Please let me know how you set it up! If it's all right with you, I can post a link from my page to yours!

Pig wot flies said...

I noticed!

Pig wot flies said...

Adding a link in your sidebar is fairly straightforward.
Log into blogger and on your dashboard, click the cog icon that takes you to 'change settings'.
Click on the template tab.
You'll see a big box that contains all the code for your blog. Don't be scared!
The way html (hyper text markup language) works is with tags. These have a beginning which looks something like this <*tag*> and an end which looks something like this <*/tag*>.
(NB, you can't put proper html in a comment box, so to get the right tags, remove the *.)
Scroll down until you find the bit that begins <*!-- Begin #sidebar --*>.
In Kathleen's case the side bar contains your profile and archives.
If you want to make a new section for links, you'll have to start it with a new heading. Tags to go round the heading are <*h2 class="sidebar-title"*> heading here<*/h2*>
To put lines between this new section and others in the sidebar, use <*ul*> and <*/ul*> at the end.
<*li*> starts a new line
<*/li*> ends a line
The tags to put round a link are <*a href="http://theurlofthethingyou'relinking to"*> and <*/a*>.

I hope that helps. If not, there's a useful html tutorial here.

Pig wot flies said...

Ooh, the other thing you can do is use blogrolling.
Then it's dead easy to add links without having to play with your blog template every time.
If you sign up (you can have one blogroll per blog for free), the site will lead you through creating your blogroll and then give you a bit of code which you'll have to cut and paste into your sidebar code, but once that's done, you can add links easily through the blogrolling website.