Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If I were a butterfly

Three reasons for today's post title -
1. Last time I saw my housemate (before I came home to London to be ill - I suppose that should really be coming home to get better) she wanted the words of this song to use in her class for the next day.
2. The children in my class have been writing 'explanation texts' writing about the life cycle of a butterfly, which made me think of this song.
3. We sang this song today in assembly, which is the first time I've sung it in school for years. (In fact, it makes me think of SMUFF (St. Mary's Under Fives Fellowship) which I went to when I was little.

Talking of memories from when I was little, I first remember learning about Chinese New Year at nursery - I vividly remember all being given red envelopes, and being taught to say 'kung hey fat choi' (that may not be spelt right) which (according to a site I just found) means 'May prosperity be with you'.

Anyway, what I was actually going to say today was that I'm feeling better, although not totally better yet. I went back to work yesterday, which wore me out, but it was good to be back and see everyone again. Hopefully I'll manage to survive 'till the end of the week.
No joy yet on the car front, but I'll let you know how that goes.


Pig wot flies said...

When are you coming back? Clearly you're coming on Saturday night. Do you want your laptop back yet? Make Daddy take a sock picture.

Kathleen said...

Hi Deb!
I was so exited at getting your comment on my blog that I thought I would check yours out.
I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly, and I hope you are doing better now.
I had to laugh at your posts about your life not being interesting, if only because my life seems to be SO boring when I compare to anyone else's. I suppose one's own life never seems as exciting as other people's though.
Please keep posting! I plan to keep reading.

Debs said...

Someone who isn't in my family is actually reading my blog. How cool is that!