Saturday, January 13, 2007

What's a girl to do

when she has loads of different things to post about, and then when it comes to writing the post they all totally disappear from her brain?
And then, it's ok. She remembers one...

Some of you will remember me writing about how we were going to be having our roor redone. Actually, I can't remember if I wrote much about it on here, but I did say a fair amount in Kathleen's comments back when she was having her kitchen floor redone (so will we ever get to see the finished product Kathleen?). At the time we thought that it would be happening in the last week before Christmas and were frantically emptying out our loft - Although a lot of the work will be done from the outside, we are also having new insulation put inside, and they will floor the loft for us as well. In fact, it should be pretty good when it's all completed.
The original date was just an estimate, and depended on their other jobs. Due to the weather and things like that we were told that they would come in January. So we heaved a sigh of relief, stopped emptying and got on with the Christmas shopping (so we were late with that, as ever, but hey, that was never gonna change!)

We now know that they will be starting a week this coming Monday, and will be arriving to put up the scaffolding next Friday. So this weekend we needed to finish emptying the loft. When I say we, it was actually my Mum and Dad that did it. I was out this morning at a sunday school meeting. We had done most of the clearing, but they have now officially completed the task, apart from some bits of wood that are still on the floor to make walking around up there easier. Other than them it's just the joists of the ceiling below and you have to be careful not to step in the wrong place and put your foot right through.

Unfortunately we never took any before photos, but here are a few 'after' ones. Mostly so that Bekki and HP can see for themselves just what a transformation has taken place. I'll also hopefully take progress photos once the work gets started. As I say, there aren't any before photos, but to give you an idea you need to know we've got rid of at least 8 carfuls of stuff to the dump. We've got boxes and bits in most of the rooms in the house. We've sent loads of things to the charity shop next door, and put quite a lot out for recycling. It'll be great once it's all completed to sort through all the stuff we've got left once more and put it up there, knowing just what exactly is up there. Of course there are always things that you want to keep (like toys that belonged to my Dad when he was a child that he's still attached to) but it's always good if you know what they are!

We'll have to continue to live in chaos for a little while yet, but once that's over it'll be great.
Please remember it's National de-lurk week (see what I wrote here). I'd love it if you said hello. If you want an idea of something to say you could always tell me a joke, what your favourite colour is, or a subject to post on one day next week :-)

Also, apologies for all the spots on the pictures, I think the lens of my camera needed cleaning!


Uisce said...

ha, delurk week is over, so I'm just gonna sneak right outta...

Debs said...

The official national de-lurk week may be over, but my week only started on Thursday!