Sunday, January 14, 2007


A week or so ago I discovered a new blog. This is something that happens most days, but this was one I was pretty sure I would want to keep reading, and then add to my blog roll. I discovered Rachel's blog through a comment she had left on Blest's blog, so I clicked through and upon discovering she was a fairly new blogger I thought I'd say hi. And we've been 'chatting' ever since. Rachel's a UK blogger, which is great, because I read a lot of US blogs, and it's easier to try to judge when people will post if they're in the same time-zone as you!

I've also discovered that Rachel goes to the same church in Reading as my aunt and uncle, and knows them and their family. In fact, we may even have been in the same place as each other as I've been to two baptisms (my cousins Laura and Lydia) in the last year. Perhaps if any more of my cousins (there are lots of them!) get baptised or we go vist for any other reason we'll get to meet in person :-) In the meantime I'll keep reading, and I'm adding her blog to my blog roll so you can click over to Mrs Wibbz' Wobbly Ways and go say hi.


Bethany said...

Meeting bloggers is sooo cool. I met a blogger that is from my area last year. I had been reading her blog for awhile and then one day she mentioned all the problems from hurricane damage. (We live in Gulfport, MS, where Hurricane Katrina hit last year). It wasn't until then that I knew she lived anywhere near me!!

I was supposed to meet Blest, who is my all time online buddy, on two different occasions. But I guess God isn't wanting that to happen yet, as crazy circumstances prevented both meetings. I'm still hoping to get to meet her soon.

Bethany said...

Oh, I have a blog buddy, Sussanna, from the UK. You can find her on my blog roll listed as Through a Glass. Thought you might be interested. She is often in London, although she doesn't live there.

paul said...

ah that Rach, she rocks...

and Reading Vineyard connections, heh, small world, i used to go there which is how i know Rach and of course therefore know the H's too, very cool :)

Helen. said...

woot! i go there too, and am good friends with Rach, Laura and Lyd.
they are all lovely!
hh xx
(ps i'll probably get my own blog soon then i'll come back n say hi.

Mrs Wibbs said...

hehe, I'm getting famous!!
Thanks for the mention, I'm honoured and humbled, and overwhelmed, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my manager, my lovely husband who's supported me all the way, and my parents, and my gorgeous kids, and...

Sorry, shall I shut up??!!?
(Couldn't resist that, and it's late and my brain's playing funny tricks on me.)

Yes let me confirm: Reading Vineyard officially ROCKS!!

Love ya Helen xx

Thanks again Debs :o)

Mrs Wibbs said...

ps: hi Paul; you're everywhere brother!!
Love ya too, in that brotherly, spiritual kind of way, obviously.