Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cleaning and sorting stuff

I'm having a bit of an ill day today. I woke up a bit wheezy, and my cold is definitely still here. Taking my asthma medicine stopped the wheeze, but I've still got a very nasty sounding cough.
We'd been intending to go out shopping to try to buy me some clothes (I have a feeling this need might drag on a while) but we started doing some serious cleaning, dusting and hoovering lots of different rooms, and it got to the point that it seemed like we might as well carry on with that rather than go out. Especially since I wasn't convinced I felt up to trying on clothes, and that had been the main purpose for going out.

Yesterday I found a whole load of worksheets on the internet to use with the girl I tutor once a week. Today I've been sorting those out a bit and going through the file of stuff I had already, throwing out the things I didn't need anymore, and looking to see what I still needed to plan. I know some weeks I've ended up trying to make stuff up as I go along, so I'm trying to get some session plans sorted while I've got some spare time, and then I won't have to think about it for a while. This photo is one of the sheets I found a while ago on the internet, and printed it off to use, to help her with learning the times table facts. We've done a few of them already, and they just add a bit of fun to the work. After all she's already had a whole day of school work, so I try to make what we do fun as well as useful.

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Blair said...

Hey Debs - hope you are feeling better soon!

Sounds like you have been busy. Take some time to rest girl!