Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New roof progress

I don't think I ever actually got round to posting 'before' and 'progress' pictures of the work being done on and in our roof, or mention that it actually snowed on HP's birthday. So here are some photos I took last week which illustrate those same points.
Here's the front of our house covered in scaffolding and a scattering of snow.
Secondly, this is our wheely bin with snow on the top. (Ok, so stating the obvious, but otherwise I don't feel like I've written anything, just cheated and filled up my post with pictures like I did last time!)
Finally, this is an important one - this is how the ceiling of our landing (at the top of the stairs looked before today) Actually, even this wasn't taken right at the beginning, you can see that the light had been moved. It was in position where you can see that little hole, and now it's the other side of that central beam thing (oh so technical language, you can see I know my stuff!)
Remember what this looked like, because next time you see it it will be different.
By the way, the blue room you can just see is my bedroom, and the room with the open door (one on the right) is the bathroom. We are still (started Autum 2005!) in the process of redecorating our hall and landing. But that's been on hold a while, and now definitely until after all the roof stuff is done.

I forgot to take a photo of the back of the house, so instead here's my car all covered in snow :-)


HP said...

When do we get to see pics of what it looks like now?

Debs said...

Maybe tomorrow! I couldn't show them all at once ;-)

Pig wot flies said...

The hall looks very neat when you can only see the ceiling. Perhaps that's the way to make your house look tiday.