Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blog buisness

As I'm looking after the little one today at his home, and he's napping I'm able to get my daily dose of internet today. Unfortunately our internet at home is playing uo and either won't work atall or is so slow it takes about ten munutes just to load up the homepage. My Dad called NTL and they are sending an engineer later in the week, so hopefully I'll get sorted soon. In the meantime I'll jsut have to grab my opportunities to get on the web when I came. Oh, and also I'm not going to count this as breaking my new year's resolution to blog something every day, because I will blog when I am actually physically able to. Also, HP has exams this week and it's her birthday, so it's not really fair to expect her to guest post all the time.
SO instead, I'm make up for it by blogging several posts today! Cos there's a couple of things I want to say, and each deserves it's own post. And none of them can wait. Read the next (or previous, depending if you're reading from the bottom or the top of the page) to find out more.

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