Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The view from the sky

I got to sit next to the window on the aeroplane both on the way to Houston and on my way back to El Paso. This was taken as we got near to Houston and it was mostly because I loved the way the clouds looked like icing on a cake. The sun was setting as we neared Houston. I tried to capture the way the sun was reflected on the clouds, and the wing of the plane. I'm not sure it shows that, but I still love this picture. The funny thing about it was that soon after I took this photo we continued our descent to below the clouds, and down there it was already dark. I guess somehow being higher up we got to see the sun for longer, but once we got lower, the sun 'disappeared' below the horizon. This photo was actually taken on the way home as we headed up and out of Houston. I was trying to capture the way that the street lighting reminded me of Rangoli patterns. (Those links don't really tell you what they are, but are more the sort of thing I was reminded of!)
It doesn't really come across in the photo actually, but I liked the picture anyway!)


The King and I said...

Debs Debs Debs, my apologies......I now I'm elusive, i'm just so busy and I don't have great access to the PC at home, so rarely check facebook.
Hope you're well and looking forward to seeing you very soon
Love Ang
PS, I rang Sue today and spoke to Sam on the phone. He told me he was in a taxi....sweet. he's really grown. TTFN

Krazy Kate Designs said...

Debs, you took some awesome shots! I love it!