Thursday, January 10, 2008

A big thank you to HP and Elly

This afternoon when the boys had got to that "we're bored and won't want to do any of the run of the mill stuff that you might like to suggest" I remembered the aeroplanes that my Mum and HP had sent me for Christmas. That might sound strange, but they had sent them with the intention that I could give them to the boys at some point. I didn't give them on Christmas day because I figured they had plenty of stuff to play with then, but saved them for the right moment. And that was definitely today. We went from mutiny to excitement in one easy step. So once again, thank you my family :-) (And I still have the other things you sent, and they are waiting for another such moment!

Here they are enjoying their planes (before they escaped and went all over the house, and before we needed to employ tape to fix Andrew's plane!)

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