Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday - Home and Away

Blest and the boys took me to the airport on Thursday afternoon. We arrived with enough time to spare to take the boys in to have a look around the airport and to stop at Starbucks for a drink and some cookies for the boys. (In case you're interested, my Starbucks drink of choice is currently a (take a deep breath) grande, non-fat steamer with sugar-free cinnamon dolce, and hold the whipped cream)

Joshua, especially, was disappointed that he didn't get to come up the stairs and further in to the airport (only people with boarding passes could continue to go through all the security checks). Blest managed to get them all to leave eventually, and I'm assuming she managed to make it home ok (she was in pain and had to go home to take some more of 'the good drugs'!) I headed upstairs and went through security scans and then found my gate. I had a while to wait, but just sat and read my book, after all I'd much rather have plenty of time than be rushing and concerned I might not make my flight.

As I said in my last post, I got to sit next to the window on the plane. I loved looking out, especially as we ascended out of El Paso. Once again I was reminded of the fact that I'm living in a desert - the land is so flat, and plain that it's really hard to gain a proper perspective of how high up you are. Like, you might see what is probably actually a big bush, but because it's hard to judge the distance you brain just sees it as a little clump or grass or something. At some points it was almost scary, because I'd think 'surely we shouldn't be flying this low', until you saw a building or a road with cars on, which put the distance back into perspective.

When I arrived in Houston I was more concerned about the fact I had checked my suitcase, which was one I'd borrowed from blest, than the fact that I had never met Boo before. (Let me clarify that, I wasn't so much concerned that I'd checked my suitcase in the 'I might not get it back' sort of way, as the 'it's a medium sized black case and I didn't spend enough time looking at it to notice any particular features that might stand out, so I will just have to look at all the medium black suitcases that come along') As it happened, Boo not only recognised me before I even saw her, but she also spotted my suitcase first (the tag the airport people put on it had my name on, which she noticed, and then I got to go chase after it on the carousel!)

We headed out to Boo's car (He's very nice and is called Earl), left the car park (there was an incident with the car-park ticket, but we don't need to talk about that!) and headed for a Mexican restaurant. We were very good there and stuck to our diet (we're both doing South Beach) which involved ignoring the tortilla chips and salsa on the table, and for me (since I don't know any Spanish) trusting that Boo was ordering what I wanted her to! After dinner we drove home to Boo's house and I got to meet her lovely Mum and Dad, and then we finally went to bed around midnight. (Well, Boo had to pack for the weekend, and we had to check stuff online and, of course, just chat and enjoy spending time together!)

* I can't remember what I said in previous posts, but in case of confusion I will explain that Boo's real name is Debbie. I've been calling her Boo in this post because it's shorter to type than Debbie, and also because it's confusing calling someone else Debbie! Boo is also a member of 'One Weigh or Another', and her blog can be found by following a link on the OWOA sidebar. I will be adding her to my sidebar too, but I can't promise I'll get around to doing that right away!

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