Friday, January 11, 2008

Cheerios everywhere

I think I was quite restrained to only say 'oh shoot' when this happened earlier.

And I'll even admit to the world, that yes, it was my fault!


Pig wot flies said...

So what did happen?

Debs said...

I was trying to pour the last lot of cheerios out of the big packet into the tupperware box, only I didn't quite get that far. As I pulled off the lid my hand slipped and the whole box fell onto the floor. And cheerios went everywhere.
Even though Danny swept that floor last night I decided not to save any of them (there was still dust and stuff, and although it's been swept, it hasn't been mopped in a while!)

Kathleen said...

I wouldn't have saved them, either.

I should also add that it's times like these when having a dog - a big dog - really comes in handy. (you still have to scoop up most of them, but the dog will find every last stray cheerio, trust me.)