Sunday, January 27, 2008

Houston and Waco

Well, I did have lots to say about last weekend, unfortunately there was lots of other stuff going on this week which got in the way of writing it, and now I'm struggling to remember all the stuff I wanted to say. So, here's a brief summery of the rest of the weekend...

Firstly, if you want to see more pictures you can check out an album I made on facebook which is right here.

On Friday morning I got to have a bit of a lie-in (Boo and her Mum had to go to work, and her Dad would be taking me to join them for the afternoon). I watched some TV, read a book, and felt a bit homesick for El Paso and blest and her family! For lunch Boo's dad took me to a Mexican restaurant and I have fajitas which were yummy, and then we went on to her school. The weather was really yucky - raining so much that you couldn't really see out of the car at some points, but I decided that it would just be wasting time to worry about Boo's Dad's driving, so I just sat back and enjoyed the ride!

Oh, Boo is a kindergarten teacher, so I got to spend the afternoon with her and her class. Actually, we took her class in to see her Mom's class (who are second graders I believe) and they got to have a question and answer session with me. My favourite questions was 'what language do you speak in England?', closely followed by 'what clothes do you wear?' and 'do you eat food?' They also sang their National Anthem to me, and I sang the British National Anthem to them.

After school we headed back to Boo's house to pick up our stuff and got some dinner at Chick-fil-A and then started on our way to Waco. Unfortunately the rain meant that we were running pretty late so we didn't manage to make it in time for the first session of World Mandate, but we had fun on the journey, and then when we arrived I got to meet Bird and Brandi for the first time, which was pretty cool :-) Some highlights of the evening included Bird showing off his magic tricks; ringing blest to say I was there safely, which meant the three B's got to talk to her on the phone for the first time, and attempting to explain the differences between the UK and Great Britain.
Saturday morning we went to the World Mandate session, which was really powerful, and then to lunch at 'Chilli's too'. After picking up a steamer for me and coffee for Boo we headed back for another WM session, and then went back to Bird and Brandi's. On the way home we took this picture, which we found highly amusing, especially since moments after I took it a guy came out and started trying to talk to us. (Notice the sub-title!)
I got to meet Bird and Brandi's lovely childen for the first time (they'd been staying with their Grandma overnight, which meant there was room for Boo and I to stay!) and they seemed pretty fascinated by the fact that I am from England. Bird and Brandi decided that they really ought to take me out and about to show me more of Waco, so we all piled into the van (To see more about that follow the link to my facebook pictures!)
The Saturday evening session was great, although went on a bit late for my poor tired brain! Sunday morning Bird, Brandi and the kids got to come too as the all the people from that church were meeting with all the WM people. We ate fajitas for lunch, which were delicious (Brandi, you must tell me what you put in the marinade so I can try cooking it. In exchange I will make blest put up the curry recipe I told you about!).
Driving home Boo took me through campus so I got to see some of Baylor and then we got on the road properly. On the way on Friday we'd passed by a Dairy Queen, and I'd mentioned to Boo that I'd heard of those, and that they seemed to be one of those things you find in small-town America. We'd decided that we really needed to stop at one on the way home to take pictures, and somehow we decided that we would get Blizzards. These are kind of like McFlurrys (ice-cream with some sort of sweets/chocolate/cookies mixed in. I had one with oreo, and Boo had mint oreo. Then we went outside and posed for some pictures (see facebook). Now, I feel obligated to tell you that the blizzard did give me a headache and later on a bit of a bellyache, so I won't be eating one again anytime soon, but I did enjoy it :-)
Back in Houston we stopped briefly at Boo's house and picked up a ribbon to tie on my suitcase (to make it more identifiable for the way home) and then drove to the airport. I asked a man who was sat waiting there to take a picture of Boo and me, and then we had to say goodbye and I headed through security and Boo headed home.
The way they phrased the 'last boarding calls' made me laugh as I sat waiting at the gate (Our pilots were coming in on another flight which was delayed, so we ended up waiting for a while). They would say thing like 'This is the last boarding call for flight 340 to Dallas. Paul Smith, we love you, but we will leave you behind if you do not board immediately'.
When I got back to El Paso Danny came to pick me up at the airport, and took me back home. It was great to see blest again, and we stayed up far too long catching up on the weekend. The next day the boys were so excited to see me, and at one point I thought I was going to be smothered with love as Andrew, Benny and Joshua all tried to climb on top of me to hug me!


Elly said...

Great hearing all about it. Love you lots.

Debbie said...

Dearest Debs,
As much as we love you, I think we've decided that the fajita marinade recipe is a closely guarded family secret. If that is indeed true, then I shall commit to making it for you as often as you wish while I am in the same country as you . . . well, as long as I am in ENGLAND with you and only a short train ride away!