Friday, January 18, 2008

Q and T time

I'm at school with Debbie, and we took her class to see her Mum's class, and together they all got the chance to ask me some questions about England. It was great fun. I told them about the difference between what I call football, and what they do, and about the crisps/chips/fries language differences.

My favourite question was when one little girl asked me what language we speak in England!

Ok, gotta go cos it's the end of school and once all the kids are gone we are going back to Debbie's house and then driving to Waco. More about that and pictures (hopefully) on Monday.


Debs said...

Just realised this was meant to be called Q and A time, but I must have hit T instead of A!

Elly said...

I had noticed but didn't like to say.

Mrs Wibbs said...

Sounds fun :)
Did you notice my tag??
Whenever you have time.....
Take care x