Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love and Hate Meme

I was tagged by Mrs Wibbs a week ago, so I figured it really was time to get around to doing it..

I love to eat: Chocolate, blest's pumpkin muffins, curry, lots of other yummy stuff...
I hate to eat: Fish. It doesn't agree with my stomach, so we have an agreement not to eat it.

I love to go: To El Paso to see blest; to Houston & Waco to see Boo, Brandi and Bird; home to London; to Jubilee Church...
I hate to go: Home. Yes I know that's a contradiction, but I just don't want to leave blest and her boys (I include Danny as one of the boys!). Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about that.

I love it when: I get a hug from one of my friends or family.
I hate it when: I have to do things like ring up my insurance company (actually, those sorts of things are generally ok when you do them, I think it's more the anticipation that I don't like).

I love to see: The sky from an aeroplane - particularly when you're just above the clouds and the sun reflects on them. I may have only flown 4 times now, but I have a feeling I may be addicted now!
I hate to see: People suffering, especially children.

I love to hear: Joshua's giggle (Joshua is blest's youngest son)
I hate to hear: The sound of my alarm clock. It goes... well actually I can't figure out how to represent the sound it makes with letters, but it's really not a good noise.

I tag: HP and Barney. (After all, I did tell you on the phone today that you really need to blog more!)
Also, a big Happy Birthday to HP. However did you get to be 21, I mean, you're my little sister. What's that about?!

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