Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blest Update

I just got off the phone with blest… and she’s doing ok.

When they got inside they found that the mesh is still in place, and that there was no new hernia. It looks like what you can feel/see is actually peritoneal fat (which is a layer between the muscle wall and the skin). Anyway, you can ask her more about it once she’s back home, cos that’s about as far as my knowledge of it goes!

They are keeping her in overnight, but she’ll be home again tomorrow, and could be up and about again as soon as Monday, with a lot less pain than last time


Sarah said...

Go St. Debs! Regardless of her condition (which is a SUPER-PRAISE) you are still a saint for looking after the boys so that Danny could be there with Blest.

Debs said...

She's home safely, and we survived the morning today without serious injury occuring to any of the children, so that's good!