Friday, August 15, 2008

The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet ya bottom dollar!

So be happy :)

OWOA-ers. Please be brainstorming ideas for things you'd like to see on the new site.
Regular features? Links? etc etc.
Thanks :)


Felicia said...

What are OWOAers?

Anonymous said...

Debs, I was thinking about all of our struggle with weight and it seems like many of us struggle the most over the weekend. Maybe we should change weigh in to Friday to give us motivation to get through the weekend? Or maybe a voluntary weigh in on Friday and a required on Monday? Obviously if someone has exstenuating circumstances they wouldn't weigh in on Monday.
Let's see...we could also do a regular feature on a particular food/vitamin/essential amino acids, ect. I'd volunteer to do it unless someone else wanted to do it or help out occasionally. I don't know if there is an interest within the group for this kind of thing. It would be like one discussing omega 6 one day one week and the benefits, where to get know overall health.

Anonymous said...

Felicia, OWOAers are One Weigh Or Another groupies. It's a blog that we are a part of where we encourage each other on our weightloss journey or maintanence journey.