Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Monday again

So go ahead, and weigh in :)


Julie said...

Not playing! Having a couple of weeks off (and suffering the consequences). Starting again in earnest 1st Sept.

Debs said...

Julie, even if you don't want to weigh in until September, jump back on the wagon right now with the eating, or else!
Today is a new day, and you can eat right today :)

Debs said...

Ok, my weigh in today is
That's up 2.4 from Saturday. And I'm blaming that on water retention
a) from swelling on my ankle
b) because I'm taking diclofenac again (that's the anti-inflammatory that I can take, instead of ibruprofen) and last time I took it I gained about a stone! I'm going to be really carefull about my eating this week, and just hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

192.4 That's down 2.4 from last week. I'm so tired of yo-yoing. I really, really am going to work on seeing 18x.x next week. I know that more than 2.4 is as lot to loose in a week but I have had SEVERAL weeks...make it months...of not eating the best. You know, the first week of being back on track you normally see big numbers. I'm hoping for large number. I feel like if I can see something under 190 it will be the umph that I need

Elly said...

Tami well done for losing this week. You can do it girl. Don't give up.
Julie don't worry the past can't be changed but Debs is right. Get back on the wagon now. (no pressure of course)
I am weighing in today at 165.8 which is up 1.6 from last time I weighed in which was 4 weeks ago. I think that counts as staying in the right place for me. I know I ate more over the holiday period including things like icecream and cake but guess the extra exercise balanced it just right. (I hit goal last October so am just maintaining but weighing in helps to keep me accountable.

Anonymous said...

Elly, how cool is it that you have almost maintained for 1 year!

christyf said...

I think I am down 1. But that's still up 4 from my lowest. I am retaining water and still trying to recover from vacation eating. I started a modified phase 1 again today. I have been working out a lot. Yesterday my friend and I walked 2.5 miles and then played tennis for an hour. I've also hit the gym twice on my business trip last week. I keep trying to remid myself that strong id better than skinny. :)

christyf said...

BTW Elly...You are awesome!

Cristina said...

I weighed in at 188 this morning. That's down 2 or maybe 2.6 from last week. It's still up from my lowest, so I need to work on that. I was weighing in lower before the weekend but my weekend was super busy and I made bad choiced plus it's that time, so bloat. I'm tired of the yo-yo too, I need to start a constant downward trend!!!

Claudia said...

162...down 2 from last week. I was hoping for a bigger weight loss after all the resisting I did all last week and this weekend, but I'll take it. Last week they had so many fattening things that they served at all the teacher in services and then this weekend was my husband's birthday and his mother brought cake and I actually refused it. Hopefully it will be better next week....Have a great week all!!

Jessica said...

I'm not weighing in today, since I don't have a scale at home and won't be going in to the gym--I have a sinus infection, and nothing sounds so nice as a quiet evening at home. I'll weigh in Wednesday, instead.

Stephine said...

holding steady at 162.4

I saw a mid week water weight gain of 5.6lbs. That was not good. We're back to normal now though. Exercise and eating have been pretty good considering. :)

Brandi said...

Hi Everyone!

I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday, so I weighed today. 122.5

Since my "goal" last year was 120 and I actually reached that goal, I always feel "bad" when I weigh in above that goal.

So I decided that I need to re-evaluate that goal. I have been "good" all week...actually week and a half. So I told myself before I weighed that whatever the scale said, that was a "good" weight for me.

It said 122.5, so that's it. My new goal is going to be more of a range. Between 120-125.

I know it sounds silly, but accepting this is difficult for me, but I am determined not to be ruled by the scale!! :-)