Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A little blog business

Before I went on holiday I wrote several pretty long meaty posts. Since then the posts have mostly been photos and a few odd comments. I think I want to try to maintain having both.

The longer posts were good therapy for me - blogging is definitely a sort of therapy, I'm sure. They helped me think things through and come to some conclusions, and also your comments provided me with some valuable thoughts and opinions, so thank you.

I also like having somewhere to share photos and anicdotes.

And we've also had One Weigh or Another (weight-loss) stuff posted here. So it's all a bit confusing, I guess. Very very soon I will be launching the new OWOA site, and all that stuff will shift to being over there. Please bear with me as I get used to being home from holiday, and get stuff sorted out on here.


kim* said...

i have about 3 blogs i use. the weescreamvintage, my circlesare forever, and a personal one where i vent. oh and i secret one where i reeeally vent:)

jenscloset said...

I use my blog as therapy too! I wrote a long blog last night about what I was most proud of...then I deleted it today. Of course, it was all about my kids!