Monday, April 03, 2006

spring cleaning

This evening after dinner HP and I are heading to my house in GC for a few days. Hopefully we'll get some sring cleaning done, and also have time for a bit of fun. I'm going to be working each morning, but HP says she might get some cleaning done while I'm out, and we'll have to get some done during the afternoons as well.

I've written a list of things that could be done. Mostly because I like writing lists, but also so that we don't sit around and wonder what to do next. Also, since the list breaks it down into small chunks we get to have lots of "yay it's done" moments as we go along.

Hopefully we will manage to get away from London in time to pick up Imogen from the station (she's been up in Scotland for the weekend, and will be in GC only for a couple of hours before her dad comes and takes her back to her home for rest of the holiday). I'm not sure why that all got to be in brackets, but never mind.

I'd better get back to putting things in the car. Will try to write more as soon as I can :-)

Oh, congratulations to Kathleen on reaching her 100th post. (and to me on (hopefully) creating my first successful link within a post) (It works, it works!)

I've got a few more posts to go, perhaps I'd better celebrate my 50th which will be arriving shortly.

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