Sunday, April 09, 2006

My weekend in pictures - final round up

In the sitting room: 10.30pm

I am typing while HP takes my photo. It's really weird. I'm trying to concentrate but it's odd when there are things flashing in your eyes. Here's one of the finishes articles. I don't really like it, but HP is off to bed, and it does at least show me typing on my blog.

I was planning to make this really interesting for my final round up of the weekend, but I've got a bit tired. I was distracted by reading some other people's blogs. Oh well, better make this quick. Thank you to my Daddy who has lent me his camera for the weekend, and also to him and the rest of the family for putting up with me saying 'stop a minute, I want to take a photo of that'. It's been really fun, and I want to do something like this again, although not too soon, so don't start worrying! It'll be fun to look back on this after a couple of weeks and see all the little random stuff I did this weekend, as well as the usual memories of the 'bigger' events.

Well how should I end this weekend of blogging? Why by looking to tomorrow of course: It looksl like we'll we having rain in the night, followed, more than likely, by rain tomorrow.

I took these as an experiment to see if I could photograph the television, and they're so funny I just had to put them on. When a facial expression is captured for a split second it can certainly have funny results. They're worth clicking on to get the larger versions. I hope you've all had a good weekend.

ps sorry for any typos on this post. I'm sure my editors (HP and my Mum) will draw them to my attention in the near future

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