Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday

We went to visit my Dad's parents yesterday, and also got to see my three cousins who are staying with Grandma and Grandad for a few days. We had a lovely drive up, picking up Bekki from Cambridge on the way, and just about making it in time for lunch. It was yummy roast beef, with roast potatoes (which they somehow make to be the best you've ever tasted, every time) and lots of vegetables, and followed by cheesecake. I know I don't normally tell you everythig we ate, but this time it was worth telling.

After lunch Grandma stayed at home, but the rest of us when down the the country park, and walked round the lake. When Daddy has the camera you tend to end up with lots of photos of everyone from the back (intentionally rather that by mistake), and these are some of the best from yesterday's walk. In case you can't tell, I'm the one with the purple top on (or tied round my waist in some of the pictures).
When we left London in the morning there was that horrid heavy drizzle rain that gets you wet quicker than you'd expect. Assuming that the
weather wouldn't be very nice for most of the day we'd packed umbrellas and rain coats, so it was a lovely surprise to be able to walk around without needing to wear our coats all the time.

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