Thursday, April 13, 2006

giggle giggle, and bake a chocolate cake

This is me with my short hair. As previously explained, we've had a few problems with the camera, but these are hopefully sorted out now, and I can finally upload a picture of the new hair.

Today has been a fun day, full of giggles and chocolate cake (which we don't get to eat till tomorrow). Joy came over (she's my really old friend, but for a long time, rather than her age being big). HP says that sentence made no sense, but I don't care. We also managed to scare HP's boyfriend, and if he's reading this I just want to apologise again. We really didn't want to freak you out that much, or actually at all.

Right, I have to take Joy home now. Back again soon.
We're visiting Grandparents tomorrow, and we get to see Bekki. Hurrah!

ps click on the one where they're hiding behind the cushions and you get to see HP's eye. This is Joy with HP BTW.

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