Saturday, April 08, 2006

my car

I've been meaning to take a photo of my car to post on here, but I never seem to remember at the right time (so that's when it's not dark, and I'm actually in the same place as the camera and the car at the same moment). I still haven't done that, but while putting the photo on my last post I found this one (taken by my Dad) and worked out how to trim it so you couldn't see my registration plate (hence the funny shape of the photo).

This was taken on the very first day that I brought the car home. I am sitting in the passenger seat reading the manual (the first and last time I ever did, maybe I will again someday) and the lady standing next to the car is my Mum. Oh, and if you've read the previous post you may have noticed that it was her face that you can see a bit of at the side of the photo of our dining table.

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