Saturday, April 08, 2006

My weekend in pictures 4

Back in the kitchen: 5pm

This has been quite a day for baking (and drying washing, but for the moment I'm talking about baking). HP and I made Easter nests, my Mum has made\is in the process of making a blackberrry and apple crumble, quiche, a large mince pie and some jam tarts.

These pictures however are of the hot cross buns that she and I were\are making for my Dad (they are currently sitting in a warm place rising). He is a coeliac which means he can't eat anything with gluten in. He gets speacial flour on prescription and we make bread and cakes for him. He was diagnosed when I was quite young, so it just seems quite natural to make things from scratch so that Daddy can eat them, rather than buying things ready-made. Lots of people now seem to be 'wheat-free' in what they eat, but my Daddy is one of the originals!

I feel quite lucky because cooking just seems to come quite naturally to me since I've done so much over the years. It makes me laugh when I meet people who say they don't have a clue about how to cook. (Not that I'm laughing at them, just that it seems so easy to me).

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