Wednesday, April 12, 2006


We discovered why the camera didn't seem to be charging properly - My Dad had switched it off at the plug! Now that it's turned back on again I ought to be able to take some photos again soon. In the meantime we'll have to make do with more photos from Monday. Oh, and this is the electricity pylon as it looked when we came out of Sainsburys.

I got my hair cut today - the first time I've had it cut since the last Easter holiday! Brian, my hairdresser, said it beautifully illustrated the fact that hair grows about an inch every two months. HP says it bears resemblance to Jonny Depp as seen in 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory', to which I replied that he must have a girly hair cut then (I haven't actually seen the film, although I have seen the trailers). It's basically a short bob, but without a fringe (which was what I had before I grew it out during the past year). Anyway, I will try to put a photo on for comparison purposes once the camera is once more functioning as it ought.

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