Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sue's Birthday

Updated to inclure comments on the photos

I have no idea what Adrian is doing in this picture (right hand side). Sue, the birthday girl is in red.Adrian, Andree and their youngest son, George
Fran tucking in to the yummy food
Nikki and baby George
George waving (or at least waving his arms around so it looks like he's waving!)

Will add comments later. Have to go now as I'm late for getting to Suz-pie's house to see her and Crox (two friends from university, aka Suzanne and Sarah!)
Better still, feel free to comment in the comments!


HP said...

looks like fun was had by all
even baby G!!!!

Pig wot flies said...

George is HUGE!
Doesn't he look like Joel?

Debs said...

It's the Warnock likeness coming through more and more. And he has his Daddy's eyelashes!