Friday, October 26, 2007

A day up London

Today I met up with my friend Jenny. We'd arranged to meet as she is on half term at the moment, and she suggested going to Tate Modern, so we did. Maybe it was because we were both quite tried, or maybe we're just uncultured, but neither of us really saw anything that really appealed, however it was a good day out. We started at Tate Modern (well, actually we started at Jen's house, but once we were up town). Come to think of it, that's not right either. We got off the tube at Blackfriers so that we could walk across the Millennium Bridge and we took some pictures of the view up and down the river.

Looking towards London Bridge

Looking towards Blackfriers bridge. Jenny taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.
Jenny, with a spider behind her (not actually on her head, despite appearances)The view looking from the top floor of Tate Modern. You can just see a little of the spider in the bottom of the photo.The reflection of our legs on a mirror cube in the surrealism section. It wasn't that impressive, but we thought it made a cool picture.
After the Tate Modern we walked along the river to London Bridge and had a bit of a wander in Borough Market and then got the tube and train back to Jenny's house because we were totally worn out by that point!
Right, now I must go and get dressed to go out to celebrate Sue's birthday (Mum of the little one and the little flower). Pictures to follow if I remember to take any...

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