Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I had a wonderful time with J yesterday. His Mum had to work so I looked after B and J for an extra morning. Firstly I finally got to go and discover for myself the delights of Edmonton Green shops. They are quite close to where B and J live, but somehow I'd not yet been to them. So adter we dropped B at school and been home again for J to have some more breakfast we headed to the shops.

I can see why noone thought I was missing much when I said I'd never been to them. Actually, that's a bit harsh. There are lots of market stalls, so it looks like it would be a good place to get fresh fruit and vegetables. There's also Boots, Tesco, HSBC, the post office and an awful lot of pound shops. The sorts of shops which are good for a lookif you have lots of time because you might find a bargain, although you may just find lots of clutter. Finally, there's Woolworths which has a big bargain section at the back of the store. It's the place where all the end of line stuff gets put, and ovbiously not ever looked at again. I had great fun rummaging through the piles of stuff, but the best thing I found was this.
(Notice the date, and then that it still costs £2.49!)

Later back at J's house we had great fun playing with bricks and saying 'cheese' for the camera. The photo at the top of the post was J walking towards the camera while saying cheese - a trickier combination than you might have thought!

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Mari said...

Thanks for stopping and telling me about my non-working link! I fixed it. I see you are moving to the states soon. Hope it all goes well!