Friday, October 05, 2007

Debs is going going gone

Well nearly, I'm kind of still in my pyjamas. But once I've found al lthe stuff on HP's list, packed, had breakfast, posted a parcel, wrapped a parcel, got in the car, bought some petrol, brushed my hair (not necessarily in that order) I am off to Exeter to see HP, then at the weekend it's Bud's hen party in Bristol, and then I'm going to see my grandparents for a couple of days. Blogging may or may not happen, so I'll see you when I see you, or rather when you see me. Hmm, too confusing.
I'm gone.

This is me and Bud and Mucker (aka Sarah and Sarah) outside out house in Cambridge a couple of years ago. I think I look different now, so the other two probably do too, but hey!


Tami said...

Okay Debs, I've got to know, what is a Hen party???

Elly said...

Tami its when the girls get together to heve fun with the bride before her wedding. I am sure you must have them but not sure what you call it.

Debs said...

I think you call it a bachelorette party. Here in the Uk ladies have hen parties and men have stag parties.

Tami said...

Yeppers, bachelorette and bachelor parties. Thanks Debs. I had a hankerin' that's what it meant but just wanted to make sure.