Thursday, February 01, 2007

new loft hatch

I was going to write this post tomorrow, but Steve (as featured here and here with HP) requested it to be written now (and I didn't need much persuading).

It just took me far too long to put all these photos in the right order, so I'll keep the explanations to a minimum or else I'll never get to bed tonight.

I got home from work just as the two guys who'd been working on our loft today left. We said goodbye to them, and then my Dad went upstairs to try out the new loft hatch again for himself. I just happened to be able to grab my camera and capture his every move. Some of the photos were perhaps not the best, but I have to say if you were to cut out and stick them together I believe they'd make a pretty cool flip book like those ones you used to have when you were younger. (Or as illustrated by flicking through the slide show on my computer very quickly. It's like, 'wow, you can see him moving...')

Without further ado, our new loft hatch and ladder and my Daddy. (The warmroof guys are coming back to do a few finishing off bits tomorrow, so maybe a few final photos of it them, but I guess soon you will have had enough of looking at my ceiling! Um, and maybe some pictures of inside the loft to show off the window that's been put in and the new flooring. Oh, and warmroof is the name of the company that are doing the work for us.)

Oh go on then, here's my Dad standing on the new flooring, next to the new window.


Steve said...

Wow.You even have electricity up there.It doesn't look that big from the picture from the front of the house.

HP said...

how bizarre the floor looks like concrete. In my head i was expecting like fake wood laminate flooring but i'm not sure why.
Cant wait to come home and see it properly.
I'm loving all the action shots of daddy with the ladder
very amusing.

Debs said...

The floor is wood (well mdf type stuff) but it's quite dusty and sawdust-y. It's only really in the middle you can stand up like that. Yes we had an electriction come and put in power points for us.
More pics tomorrow. :-)

Debs said...

How do you spell the name of the guy that does stuff with electrial things? Cos how I spelt it in my last comment is clearly wrong!

Pig wot flies said...

Ooh, window! I've never seen the loft look so empty or so light. How exciting.

Kathleen said...

Hooray! There's a lot of space up there, it looks like. I'm sure it will come in very handy. Here's to finished (or even almost finished) projects!

HP said...

electrician you moose!!

Debs said...

I was tired!

Jana said...

Nice space!

Thanks for your comment on my drawing!

Carol said...

Hey, I liked all the photos since they are so smartly taken n we can see every move of that man.

And hey, do have a look at this
pet ecards too!!

Take care
see you