Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A is for...

I'm looking after the little one today. He's been ill for the last week, but seems to be a lot better today, however his sleep pattern is all messed up, so this may have to be a short post if he wakes up soon...

Although it's only a week since I saw him last it's amazing just how much can change at this stage in a child's life (he's around 19 months old). He's started copying the way his Daddy puts his hands in his pockets, and also has several new phrases. The one I've heard most today is 'bad Boots' (Boots is the name of the cat BTW).

The little one has always had a thing about emptying out bags, and today was no exception. In the past he's managed to do thing like empty out a whole pack of wet wipes, seemingly in the time it takes to blink. Or pull out tissues, and hold each one to his nose for a second before discarding it on the floor and pull out the next one. Today he found an apple in my bag, pulled it out shouting 'ball', and threw it across the room, whereupon it rolled under the TV unit.
It was hilarious watching him try to turn himself upside down in an attempt to see where his new toy had gone. Eventually he was getting cross with not being able to reach it so I had to stop laughing and pull it out for him.

'Apple [little one], can you say apple? It's not a ball, it's an apple'.

I went to the kitchen to cut it up and came back with a bowl of apple. He loved eating it (picture to be added later when I'm back at home) and every time he took a piece I said 'apple'. He eventually got the idea, and when I said 'What's this?' he replied

Well, you can't win every time, eh?

(oh, snow story. Hmm, yes, maybe later?! Or at least some more snow pictures!)


Helibear said...

hey, thanks for stopping by.
you 'little one' sounds so cute!

Kathleen said...

A Boots!
I love it!