Saturday, February 03, 2007

(An almost) self portrait

This is me as drawn by little Debbie at church. She loves to come over to me at church and finds it incredibly amusing to be able to say "hi Debbie" to someone else, or when people see us together and say "hello Debbie and Debbie".

This fantastic picture (among others) was done at a church prayer meeting at the start of the year. Debbie came over to say hello while we were still praying, so i gave her my notebook to draw in. She said that this was me. She asked me to write Debbie at the top, which I did, and then had her own attempt at writing it (she's only about 3 years old). She then requested I draw something, so I did the snail quickly and she had a go at copying it.
I was clearing out all the bits of paper in my bible case today and came across her pictures. After coming out of the scanner this one is going up on my pinboard because it makes me smile.


lady laura said...

How lovely you are:) LOL

Kimberly said...

Dahling, you are gourgeous!

Christy said...

Are you at all concerned about the flying snail coming to get you? :)

Blair said...

Oh I love this! I have a drawing my best girlfriend's son drew of me and it's a treasure.