Friday, February 23, 2007

bluetooth breakthrough

Ok, I have no idea why I couldn't get my phone and computer to communicate properly the other night, but yesterday our internet stopped working*, so I couldn't catch up on blogs and instead thought I'd try the bluetooth thing one last time before I called in the heavies (or asked some of the computer-y people at church). And it worked, so I sat and sent all the photos on the phone to the computer (all 70ish). It didn't actually take that long, you can sort of get into the pattern of what button to press when, and it goes really quick. It's good because I now have all the pictures saved, and can delete some off my phone if I want to, I think it can only hold 100 altogether. And most importantly I can now put them on my blog :-)

This is one of my favourites. It was taken on one of the very first times I looked after the little one, when he had a major desire to grab anything that was most unsuitable for him to have (phones, cameras, TV remotes...) and this captured his hand reaching out trying to grab my phone. I have it as my screensaver on my phone.

[Oh, I also have my computer screensaver set to be photos - it just picks photos at random from all those saved in the 'my pictures' folder. It's a great way to see and remember old photos - sometimes I just sit and watch the screensaver!]
[*Our internet was down because the guys digging up the road had cut through not one, but two cables. An engineer came out and fixed it this afternoon, so I'm happy again :-)]

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