Tuesday, October 07, 2008

wake up sleepy head

I don't know why, but this afternoon I was suddenly hit by the tiredness truck, and I can hardly stay awake. I thought about having a nap this afternoon, but decided not to turn down the opportunity to go grocery shopping with my mum. I love my mum, and I love grocery shopping, so it seemed too good an oportunity to miss ;)

This evening I was originally going to be babysitting for some friends, but they've had to cancel their plans, so instead I'll be heading over to Leyton in a little while to meet some friends, and hopefully have some physio on my ankle, which has been really achey for the last couple of days.
Besides, they won't mind too much if I just fall asleep on their sofa!

I'm hoping to write a proper post soon, updating you all on my life and other such exciting things, maybe tomorrow if I have enough brain power!

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La Alicia said...

the tiredness truck has been making the rounds here as well!