Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday, so good to me. Perhaps

Um, hello. My name's Debs, and this is my blog. I think. It's been a little while since I devoted it proper attention. It was a busy weekend, and before that, well, I don't really have a good excuse, except perhaps writers block.

Today is my sister Bekki's birthday. You can go and wish her a happy birthday if you want to, but please come back. I'll try to be interesting.

You back? Good. Well as I said before, the weekend was very busy. On Saturday my parents and I went up to Cambridge to visit Bekki and take her out to lunch. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lovely time. In the evening I went out for a meal to a Greek restaurant for a friend's birthday, and totally shot the diet plans to bits by eating moussaka. It was yummy though :)

On Sunday I went to church, and Adrian was preaching from the third chapter of Nehemiah. My church is doing a series from that book of the bible at the moment. After church I went with a whole bunch of people (the 20s+ group from church) for lunch and an afternoon of fun and laughter around someone's house. I took lots of funny photos, but since I couldn't get my camera and computer to talk to each other last night, I can't share any of them yet!

Today I'm looking after the kiddos, and hoping that the day might get sunnier. I think we'll go on leaf walk later and find some of the beautifully coloured leaves which have fallen off the trees in the last few days. All of a sudden it's clear that Autumn is certainly here.


Mrs Wibbs said...

this is a delightful post, you have a nice way with words :)
Moussaka is ok! I love moussaka - don't feel bad for treating yourself once in a while. Come on girl; be kind to yourself ;)
And I like the sound of a 'leaf walk', I think I might introduce them in our household... Once there are enough leaves on the ground!

Katie Lyons said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I spent mine with lots of family that had been down for the week. Totally ruined my diet as well ;)

Right As Rain Creations said...

I have never had moussaka and now I want to try some!

Also, I gave you an award on my blog, if you are interested. NO biggie if you aren't. Hugs!