Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm in love... with a shampoo!

[Seriously, does anyone actually remember that advert? I tried googling, and nothing. How can google let me down like this? I'm sure I have a totally different memory for adverts to the rest of the world. Like the colgate advert with the line about strawberry cheesecake flavour toothpaste and the guy goes 'I like that colgate flavour!']

Anyway, I'm not in love with a shampoo (actually, I hate my shampoo and keep trying to remember to buy some more. The problem is I generally remember when I am in the shower, about to use it, which isn't very helpful), or with my toothpaste, although I am currently happy with my macleans toothpaste.
(Have you ever noticed that some of my blog posts have more asides than actual content?)

I am kinda in love with a blog I just started reading. In love in the sense that the guy who writes it had me captivated after I'd read about 3 posts, and in fits of hysterics before I'd reached the bottom of the first page.

I mean, who wouldn't want the opportunity to discover such random facts as what my height is, measured in width of human hairs or matchsticks...

I discovered that I am as tall as
the width of 36600 human hairs
the width of 950 matchsticks.
the length of 6.16 sheets of A4....

So go ahead, check it out.

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