Monday, October 27, 2008

Poppy Day

Today I was out and about with the kiddos when we came across a women collecting money for the Royal British Legion. I gave Little One some money to put in the can, and in exchange she gave me a poppy, a sticker for Little Flower, and pinned a poppy to Little One's coat. He was very excited to have the poppy, and also dutifully picked up his sister's sticker every time she dropped it (it pretty much stopped being sticky once an 18 month old got her hands on it).

It wasn't until we were on the bus home that he asked me what the flower was, and why we were wearing them. (If I haven't mentioned already, it's worth noting that he has most certainly reached the 'why' stage of life. Whatever you say to answer the first why, his answer will most probably be 'why?' right back at ya!)

Having not had the chance to talk to his parents about how much detail they want to go into about why we have Remembrance Day, I didn't exactly want to jump in to talking about wars and people dying and stuff like that. After all, he is only three, and I didn't want to confuse or scare him. Instead, I thought about the fact that he is currently a big fan of SUPERMAN! He continually tells me how brave Superman is, or how he's going to be brave 'just like Superman', so I decided that was what to tell him -
"The poppies help us to remember people who were very very brave."
"Just like Superman?"
"Yes, Little One, just like Superman".


Right As Rain Creations said...

Awww, that story is very touching! What a couple cuties those Littles are! :)

Kathleen said...

That is actually a wonderful answer to give a small child!

Krazy Kate Designs said...

That was precious Debs!

Mayhem said...

What a sweet story

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