Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Come up and see me, make me smile

Sometimes Little One will suddenly turn to me and say "Debbie".
"Yes, little one?" I'll reply, and he'll smile a me with the biggest grin in the world and say "I love you".
Things like that can make a crappy day much better.

(Day turned slightly downhill when I remembered I have an appointment to see the counsellor at my doctors and started freaking out about it - not knowing what it'll be like, or what to say or anything.)


Kathleen said...

Oh no! Don't freak out! By now it's probably over and done with - hope it went well.

Debs said...

The appointment is on Thursday.

Debbie said...

Moments like that are GREAT!
When i visited the monkeys for the last time before leaving Abby looked and me and said in a goofy voice, "I love you!" and it was the most precious thing EVER.

Oh and hope the appt goes well!

Tess said...

Aww, we do something like that:
- "Guess what!"
- "What?!"
- "I love you."
: )

Anna said...

You'll be ok honey. Promise xx