Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hurrah for Tess

One of the best things about hanging out on the etsy forums has been making friends with others who hang there too. Although I've never met them (well, apart from blest), I'd still say I have some awesome buddies on there that I care about, and who care for me.

Case in point is Tess, also known as ActivityGrrrl, or AG for short. A couple of weeks back we were discussing candy corn, and I was asking them what it's actually like, since I've never had it. The lovely Tess offered to mail some to me, and the package arrived this morning. Not only did she mail me candy corn, but she also cleverly wrapped it in bags covered in pictures of candy corn. Sheer genius!

I promised to live blog the event, so here goes...

11.02am AG AG AG AG AG! It just arrived! Just a minute ago! I'm so excited :)

11.04am (poses for photo attempting to open parcel)

11.10am (I'm still figuring out how to get into in, but I'll get there eventually...!)

11.12am I'm in! (well, the first layer, anyway!)

11.13am I got the inside layer open and the smell of the sugar hit me straight away!

11.15am (Starts to write blog post)

11.20am (takes photo of packet of candy corn)

11.23am (Opens the packet of candy corn by cutting open the corner with scissors)

11.24am I can smell the sugar really strongly as I pull out my first piece of candy corn. Smelling it I can sense a sort of sugary almost vanilla type smell

11.26am I take a bite from the candy corn and get an immediate sugar hit. The texture feels quite like shop-bought fudge. It offers some resistance at first, and then dissolves slightly on my tongue.

11.27am (eats a second and third candy corn - they were slightly smushed together from transit) They are certainly very sugary, I don't think I could manage to eat more than 2 or 3 at a time.

11.30am (eats a forth and final, for the time being, piece of candy corn and starts to upload photos from camera)

11.47am (gets frustrated with camera not uploading photos and considers eating some more candy corn. Beginnings of a sugar headache suggests this would not be a wise move. Resists)

Considering that 4 pieces were enough for me and my sugar tolerance, and that there are approximately 176 pieces in the packet (based on the stats on the back, suggesting a portion size is 22 pieces, and that there are about 8 servings per container), it's either going to take me a very long time to eat them, or, more likely, I'll be taking my candy corn to share around with my friends whenever I see them this week. Given that a serving of 22 pieces has a calorie count of 140, that's probably not a bad thing!

Thank you so much for mailing them to me, Tess. You're a star :)
(I managed 500 words exactly, Tess!)


Tess said...

You're welcome! Yep, it's pretty much pure sugar. : ) Enjoy!

ceevee said...

The kids who came around my house for Trick or Treat last year LOVED the little bags of candy-corn I doled out. I just don't get it! Those sugarcorn niblets make my teeth hurt. Now, chocolate, that's another story! hahah.

goodkarma said...

glad to see you survived it, debs!

BeckyKay said...

So glad to hear about your first taste of candy corn. Sweet but deadly, huh? :)