Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Morning

Monday's come around again, and I still have a ton of photos on my camera, which i need to upload before I can tell you about any of them. Well, I think I have told you about them, but promised you pictures, and then didn't follow through. Things like Steve's baptism (although HP posted some of my pics, so that's ok) and my MA graduation, and goodness knows what else. This evening I will try to upload them, and see what other surprises my camera has in store.

In the meantime, since it's been so long since I put any pics on my blog, and since I'm lacking in brain power and pain-free-ness to write any proper content, here we have an assorted random selection from the archives.

This is outside the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. You can't really see me properly, but I like the way the sky looks behind!
This was after Barney (HP's boyfriend) was baptised. Here I think I'm showing HP the photos I managed to take of it happening. My Mum was ovbiously aware my Dad was taking a picture, but I wasn't, I don't think!
This in upstairs, inside the Museum of Childhood. This is what I hope the tops of my legs will be like when I get to my goal weight! This is in the afternoon on the day of Barney's baptism. HP's shoes had hurt her, so she was having a piggy-back ride. I have the opposite version of this picture (well, you can see me taking a picture here) which I will share at some point, when I can find it can be seen below!

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